I hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together. 我希望你俩的共同生活美满幸福。

  May you always have everything you wish for a rich life together. 愿你们事事如愿,美满幸福。

  May every happiness be yours on this wedding day.Let an old friend of yours send her love and congratulations to you and the groom. 值此婚礼佳日,祝愿幸福无量。请接受一位老朋友对你和新郎的衷心祝贺

  The news of your recent marriage having reached me,I beg to offer my most sincere congratulations. 获悉新婚之喜,请接受我最诚挚的祝贺。

  My wife and I are very delighted to hear the news of your marriage.We send you both our love and hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together. 听到你们结婚的消息,我们感到万分高兴。向你们祝贺,并希望你们的共同生活无比欢乐,无比幸福。

  I heartily congratulate you upon your choice of your partner for life since l can"t think of two people more suited to each other than you two.I wish you all the happiness in the world. 我衷心祝贺你选择了终身的伴侣,因为我不知道有哪一对夫妇能比你俩更相配的了。愿你们尽享人间的欢乐。

  My sincere congratulations on your happy marriage and my best wishes to you two for a lifetime of happiness. 最诚挚地祝愿你新婚快乐,并向你俩致以最美好的祝愿,祝你们终生幸福。

  The best of all good wishes to you both. 祝愿你俩幸福无量。

  We wish you both many more anniversaries, each happier than the last. 我们祝你俩今后的周年纪念日一次更比一次幸福。

  My heartiest good wishes on the 20th anniversary of your marriage.May the years to come bring every blessing to you both. 在你俩结婚20周年纪念日之际,致以最衷心的祝意,愿你们年年岁岁称心如意